A. Fuente, Ahhh Fuente By: Tom Halladay

I stand before you to sing the song of Fuente. We are Tuscaloosa’s Arturo Fuente cigar headquarters. Spirits Lakeside is nestled in the Shops of Lake Tuscaloosa where the Fuente line holds forth.

From 8-5-8 and Spanish Lonsdale to the Hemingway Short Story and Classic the lineup from Arturo Fuente is crafted, tested, and refined, to bring you an unparalleled cigar smoking experience. But the fun in my humble opinion resides with the Figurados.

The Fuente Hemingway Figurados, those asymmetrically rolled (small at the cap and larger at the foot) cigars are a delight visually and in the hand. These premium Figurados are artfully hand-made perfectos wrapped in African Cameroon. The smoke is soft and woodsy with a slight spice on the palate. The beautiful cinnamon brown wrapper presented in odd shapes are just fun to hold, look at, and smoke. They are medium-bodied and reasonably priced.

At Spirits Lakeside we regularly stock the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Figurados; the Short Story, Best Seller, Work of Art, Signature and Classic. The Spirits cigar humidors also feature other Fuente favorites including 8-5-8 in natural, claro and maduro wrappers as well as Exquisito, Fuente Chateau Fuente, Curly Heads, and more.

I’m not a smart man but I know what great literature in a cigar is; and this, my friend, is it!

Drop by Spirits and give Ernest, I mean Arturo a try. As Bob Davis would say, “you’ll thank yourself.”

Toast it first,

Tom Halladay


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