Wine is a vast and diverse world of exotic flavors and sensory experiences. The sheer number grape varieties (which is in the thousands) and the always growing list of wine-producing countries and regions can make the task of finding the right bottle seem overwhelming. To combat this occasional sense of helplessness, we endeavor to know as much as possible about each wine in our store, from its origin as grapes on a vine all the way through the winemaking treatments it receives on its way into a bottle. This knowledge, coupled with the personal relationships we cultivate with our regular customers allows for precise recommendations and a structured evolution of one’s palate or “ability to taste wine.” By making our wine experts regularly available to customers, we hope and expect to achieve greater results with each successive recommendation we make. We are most gratified to see this goal realized through the business we receive from our longtime customers, whereby we often reach a level of almost synchronization in terms of what we’re selling and what they’re most fond of drinking. Of course if you already know what you want, that’s easy: just ask for it; if we don’t already have it, we’re willing to special order any wine in any quantity that we have legal access to.

We feature a very large assortment of wine from all of the major regions and many lesser-known regions. We also carry a large selection of wine accessories, stemware, and decanters.

House Wine Selection

Our House Wine selection includes around thirty different wines that present outstanding value and cost from $7.00-$9.50 per bottle when purchased by the case of 12 bottles (the case can be solid or mixed).

Spirits offers a 10% discount on any case of wine in the store (12 bottles or more), the cases may be solid or mixed and House Wines may be mixed into any case as well.

S p i r i t s W i n e C e l l a r ® w i n e s p i r i t s b e e r g i f t s ®

Wine Accessories & Stemware

Our selection of wine accessories encompasses those that are functional and well made. We carry a variety of corkscrews; from simple regular and double hinged waiter’s tools, to lever pulls and electric corkscrews. We also offer stoppers (including Vacuvin brand saving devices), pourers, aerators (including Vinturi), funnels, wine stain removers, and wine totes that hold one, two, four, or six bottles.

We offer a selection of basic wine stemware and decanters, as well as stemware and decanter cleaning brushes. Currently we stock Riedel brand stemware including their Restaurant series Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne flute, and basic red or white glass.

Our Wine Selection

Wine Glass

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Unique Sorts

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Fine Smell

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Old Habit

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More Than Wine

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