Short & Sweet

Unless you are Winston Churchill, Orson Welles or Tony Soprano, a large, long cigar can be tricky. Are you punctuating your authority, being Hollywood large, or trying to intimidate? Maybe you have another fixation?

I would always prefer to finish a short, premium cigar and wish I had more than puff through a large stick because I paid for it (or to see how long the ash will last intact). Yes, a La Gloria Cubana Series R #7 Maduro can be a handful for the novice, but the #4 Robusto size delivers all the flavor and plentiful smoke without taxing your endurance.

Of course you are entitled to your preference, but if you have shied away from the more challenging, full-bodied selections, perhaps you should try a short one. Cigars in smaller sizes, like Corona, Robusto, or Petit Corona, are perfect in a full-bodied, “espresso” style smoke.

These cigars, and others, are rich and to the point, offer a very satisfying ½ hour of smoking pleasure, and are perfect for the fall:

§         Gurkha Havana Legend Robusto

§         CAO Brazilia Corcovado

§         Partagas Black Label Robusto

§         Onyx Reserve Robusto

§         Sancho Panza Quixote (double maduro)

Don’t be timid, stronger cigars will help you define your cigar palate. You will surprise yourself, and as Bob Davis would say “thank yourself.”

Toast it first!

Tom Halladay

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