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Scarpetta and Casa Rojo


Scarpetta- “Our Story…You would be hard pressed to find two people more Friuli-obsessed than Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Patterson. Even within Friuli their true passion for the region elicits some curious head scratching and warm Italian chuckles from the humble wine-makers and restaurateurs. Tuscany, sure. Rome, of course. But to be a complete Friuliophile?

Yet that is a title they both wear proudly. After working together at The French Laundry, Bobby as a Master Sommelier and Lachlan as a chef de partie, they moved to Boulder Colorado with the dream of opening a neighborhood restaurant. One fateful trip to Friuli, complete with carsickness from the winding roads of the Alps, traditional Friulian fare, and lots and lots of amazing local wine was enough to seal their fate. They came back to Boulder and opened Frasca Food and Wine, a restaurant dedicated to the cuisine and culture of Friuli. Always digging deeper for Friulian inspiration, Bobby and Lachlan travel to the region several times a year, even taking their entire staff along for a week of eating, wine tasting and general Friuli-worship every summer.

It was only natural that when Bobby and Lachlan dreamt about starting their own wine label they looked first to the beautiful whites of Friuli, and Scarpetta was born.”

Scarpetta Frico Bianco 2014– Venezie, Italy. A blend of 75% Chardonnay, with Fruiliano and Pinot Grigio. “Light pressing, one day of decanting, fermentation with selected yeasts, aged on its lees until bottling. Fining and filtration. Aged in stainless steel. Aromas: Fresh cut white flowers, crisp apple. Palate: Crisp clean with medium weight. Food Pairings:  Delicious with grilled fish, green vegetables and salad. Historically “field blends” provided the winemaker with an ability to showcase multiple grape varietals thus limiting the risks associated with being tied to a single varietal. This cuvee of “bianco frico” from the Italian hills of Friuli-Venezia Giulia is a nod to this celebrated tradition.” $10.99

Scarpetta Pinot Grigio 2014– Venezie, Italy. “The grapes are fermented in stainless steel after being de-stemmed and left on the skins for approximately 12 hours, resulting in a wine with clear and bright aromas and flavors. The wine settles with the lees contact for six months. Apperance: Light straw color with just a hint of salmon. Aromatics: Aromas of white flowers, stone fruits such as apricots and peach and hints of minerality. Palate: On the palate, the wine is crisp and dry with medium high acidity and tastes of stone fruits, lavender, honey, pear, white flowers and minerals. Food Pairings:  This Pinot Grigio is perfect on its own as an aperitivo or with Prosciutto San Daniele. It is also wonderful with raw fish, such as sashimi or pesce crudo and is great with elegant chicken, pork and fish dishes.

We work with three of the best vineyards for Pinot Grigio in Friuli. The first vineyard is on the rolling banks of the Isonzo River, the second is in the hills of the Collio and the third is in the hills of the Collio Orientali del Friuli. Our grapes are planted in cooler sites resulting in a wine of balanced acidity and alcohol. The wine shows that Pinot Grigio can be light and dry with veins of minerality and floral aromatics.” $13.99

Scarpetta Frico Rosso 2013– Venezie, Italy. The Frico Rosso is 75% Sangiovese and 25% Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged in 1/3 each of cement, stainless steel, and seasoned (neutral) oak. Aromas: Crushed berry fruit, mountain flowers. Palate: Juicy and lively with approachable fresh berry fruit flavors within a medium-bodied framework. Food Pairings:  The approachable style of this red blend makes it very food-friendly, with antipasto of grilled vegetables and mozzarella cheese, or roasted pork tenderloin with mushroom risotto, this festive wine makes a great pairing with a variety of dishes. $10.99

Scarpetta Barbera DOC 2013– Monferrato, Italy. “We work with Fabrizio Iuli in Monferrato, Piemonte to create this Barbera. Monferrato is the birthplace for Barbera, and historically unlike the rest of Piedmonte, its top cuvees are frequently Barbera. Hence, for good reason, Barbera from Monferrato is celebrated for its balance of fruit, terroir and acidity. Vinification: The grapes are fermented in stainless steel and then approximately 60% aged in 1 year old neutral oak, resulting in a wine that shows fruit and earth without being marked by wood. Aging: 60% is aged in wood and 40% stainless steel. Apperance: Bright plum red. Aromatics: Crushed berries and plums. Hint of earth and porcini mushrooms. Palate: A medium bodied red wine with low tannins but bright acidity, giving it wonderful balance. Food Pairings:  The high acidity and low tannins let this wine work with everything from a pizza or homemade pasta to a piece of beef or pork.” $17.99


Casa Rojo– “To create a wine that perfectly represents the spirit of the terroir from which it originates is no easy task.  To understand the soul of a varietal and work it from its optimum ripeness and exposing it to the lees in order to highlight the flavor of the climate, is our biggest challenge.

To achieve this, Casa Rojo created a team consisting of varied backgrounds and specialties. This team generates a rich diversity of perspectives and experiences to draw on in the creation and development of each of our wines.

Each part of the whole must be considered and analyzed down to the smallest detail.  Each project in the selected regions demands our full engagement, trust and impeccable organization working towards the same goal. We also like to acknowledge and recognize the professionals out in the fields.  From the farmers and growers to the enologists of the wineries we work with, all contributions are essential to the process of developing high quality wines. Through this coordinated effort we are able to make balanced wines, from the vineyard to your glass.”

Casa Rojo Nature Organic White 2013– Tierra de Castilla, Spain. Organic white wine. 100% Airén. Old vines (40 years old) from organic vineyards. Fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. “The cinderella of Spain has a very special place in our team’s heart. Following an ecologic viticulture to the extreme, in two different vineyards in Quero, Toledo, we create this100% AIREN to demostrate that is possible to elaborate great wines from any type of grape, just following a careful winemaking technics to out stand the varietal and refresh this southern wine at most. Pale yellow colour with green glints, on the nose it offers intense aromas of white fruits and notes of citrus fruits. In the mouth it is fresh, elegant and has a long lasting finish. A perfect accompaniment for sea food, rice dishes, pasta, salads or cream cheese.” $9.99

Casa Rojo Nature Organic Red 2013– Tierra de Castilla, Spain. Organic red wine. 100% Tempranillo. Old vines (20 years old) from organic vineyards. Barrel aged for 10 months in French oak barrels and bottle aged for 26 months in bottle. “The Castilla la Mancha king varietal has its maximum southern expression when it is carefully viticultured and using only organic methods. In this single vineyard in Quero, Toledo, we reach the cares and technics to search for a Tempranillo full of typicity, and 100% natural (with no sulfites added). Garnet red colour with ruby red glints. Fruity wine with aromas of strawberry, raspberry, cherry, and high roast notes. On the palate, it is complex, with soft tannins and well balanced. To enjoy with all kind of red meats and game.” $9.99

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