For Warmer Days Think IPAs by: Nathan Utley

Dear Beer Fans,
Winter’s grip has been weak this year. It is only the first of February and yet Spring is set to take the stage. This unexpected seasonal snafu has brought many premature changes to our everyday lives. Just this weekend, people all across the country found themselves reaching into their refrigerators for a refreshing beer; only to find that all of the brown ales and imperial porters they bought the week before are too heavy for such warm, sunny days.
But what will be suited seasonally to the Spring that’s already available in early February?  My friends, you need an IPA. A good India Pale Ale (abbreviated IPA) can be as bright and floral as an April afternoon.  Its hoppy notes and citrus bite not only quench one’s thirst but also pair brilliantly with the beloved grilled meats and spicy foods of the warmer months. The style was first produced in the 18th Century by George Hodgson of Bow Brewery, Essex, UK.  Three hundred years later, the IPA is known and loved by millions world wide.
In regards to the style’s availability, Spirits Lakeside currently offers twenty-four different IPA’s.  In the past few weeks at Spirits we have acquired six brand-new, seasonally themed IPA’s; these are the Saranac White IPA (6.0%), Red Hook Long Hammer IPA (6.5%), Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA (6.6%), Good People Snake Handler 2x IPA (9.3%), Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA (5.8%), and Founder’s Double Trouble Imperial IPA (9.4%).  These are just the beginning of our Spring arrivals.  As the season continues, we at Spirits will continue to expand our excellent selection.


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